George Washington's Resource Page

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Apotheosis of George Washington - An interesting examination of George Washington's elevation to divine status through history by Laura Dove, Lisa Guernsey, Scott Atkins and Adriana Rissetto.

George Washington - Biographical outline.

George Washington - From Grolier's Online Encyclopedia.

George Washington - Biography, background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and more from the Internet Public Library.

George Washington - Includes a biography and is designed as a teaching resource for students and teachers. The site contains a lesson plan, reading materials, background notes, and suggested classroom activities.

George Washington - Includes a biography, portrait, table of facts, FAQs, and related links.

George Washington - Complete unit from the Library of Congress.

George Washington in the Classroom - Lesson ideas and activities....also related links.

George Washington on the Web - Links to "everything Washington.

George Washington's Mount Vernon - Take a virtual of Washington's home......a wealth of resources to use in the classroom.

Life of George Washington - Learn all about the life of Mr. Washington here.

Mount Vernon Educational Resources - This site include biographical information, a feature on George Washington and slavery, electronic trading cards, and an online quiz.

Portraits of George Washington - From the Smithsonian Institution.

President's Day at - Lots of good stuff here!



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