Groundhog Day

A Complete Groundhog Day Celebration - Many great activities to use in the classroom here at this site.

A Special Shadow Day New

Come to the Groundhog Day Party - Lesson planning article from Education World 

Day of the Shadow - Learn about groundhogs, shadows, and
sundials through illustrated fact sheets, nursery rhymes, quizzes, and projects.

Education World Celebrates Groundhog's Day - Celebrate
February 2 with a burrow full of activities and Internet sites.

Everything a Teacher Needs for Groundhog Day - Lesson ideas, activities, and more.

February Theme - From ABC Teach...includes activities for Ground Hog Day, President's Day, and Valentine's Day. New

Groundhog Day - A student/teacher guide.

Groundhog Day - A great resource!

Groundhog Day - Activities from the Child Fun pages.

Groundhog Day at Capt'n Clint's - Includes information and related links.

Groundhog Day - Activities from Kids' Domain

Groundhog Day - Is it Spring yet?????? New

Groundhog Day - Learn about Punxutawney Phil and his predictions.

Groundhog Day - Find out the top ten reasons to celebrate the day, and get the lyrics from popular songs adapted especially for the Groundhog.

Groundhog Day Funology - What a great resource...check it out!

Groundhog Day History - Learn about about the origins of the day
and various groundhog celebrations.

Groundhog Day - Another hotlist claiming to have over 100 links.

Groundhog Day Quiz - How much do you know about this celebration?

Groundhog Day Songs - Songs, top ten reasons to celebrate, and related links.

Groundhog Poem and Picture to Color - Cute!

Groundhog Puzzle - Print, color, cut out, and assemble!

Groundhog's Day Ideas - Songs, activities, games, snacks, and art.

Mrs. Vig's Groundhog Page - Songs, poems, activities, and more - Grades K-2.

Official Groundhog Site - Visit with Punxutawney Phil and his family. Learn more about the weather, groundhogs, groundhog day, and play some fun games.

Official Site of the Punxutawney Groundhog Club - Famous weather prognosticator that makes his prediction on Groundhog Day.
Features Quicktime VR movies, Groundhog Club information, history, and predictions. - Your Groundhog Day guide on the Web.

Project Groundhog - Classroom activities and teacher

The Groundhog - Information and illustrations.




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