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Internet Sources for School Library Media Specialists

This site has something for everyone!

Sites for educators

MIDI Sites

Quia - Create activities, quizzes, games, Web pages, surveys, and more!

The Berenstain Bears

The Educator's Reference Desk

Wacky Web Tales

Crazy Libs

Mad Lits

Online Pen Pals

The Internet Public Library

Dinosaur News

465 ways to say "Thank You"

Beginning Reading Sites

Web Quests

Virtual Field Trips

On Line Projects

Quotes for teachers:


The Living Almanac of  Disasters                                        

Sunlink Database

Educator's Reference Desk



Recommended Books

Illustrated Children's Books Online


America's Children

Guys Read

Origami projects

Enchanted Learning

Children's Literature Web Guide

I Hear America Singing

Timeline of Computer History
This timeline explores the history of computing from 1945 to 1990.

Virtual Museums Around the World

Interesting things for ESL Students






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