Christmas Holidays

Activities  on-line games  (tic-tac-toe, memory, on line coloring, etc.)  songs, poems, fingerplays  games & avtivities  ornaments  ornaments  songs MIDI, audio, mutilingual, etc.

Christmas Tree Projects

Christmas Wreath Projects

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Christmas Quiz

JigZone puzzle

Christmas Tongue Twisters

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Crack the Code



Crossword Puzzle (answers are on each page)

Dot to Dot


Fun foods and recipes

Languages  Merry Christmas in 350 languages  with a countdown clock


Lesson Plans  Amelia Bedelia  Customs  Customs Origin of the Christmas tree

Math pages  measurement of elf use with



Plays, stories, songs  creating a mini book all info included

Santa Projects

Scavenger Hunt-Internet Around the World.htm





Word Searches

Work sheets  tracing pages  cloze similies  unscramble

Writing  story starters  describing  write a poem in Santa Sack  Letter to Santa stationery  CUTE online e-mail letter to Santa  Journal writing ideas 


Christmas Calendar at: (The above site was done by elementary students for Christmas around the world.)




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